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Article How to Create Cool Artworks with Cars, Trucks, and Fire

We all want to create some cool Artworks every now and then, so why not you? And why not start today?

And we also all like driving don't we? And what about some cool futuristic car that has wheels of fire? Or some other magical force — for the sake of being cool and having superpowers combined with some sweet V8 engine powers!

Alright, let's get started on the basics of creating such vivid and magical artistry and let's have a lot of fun while doing so!

Start Out Simple With a Beautiful Image of Your Favorite Car or Truck

Have a beautiful image of your favorite car or truck ready. This is something you can make yourself or have it made for you.

Make sure to firstly create a beautiful composition with the vehicle of your choice having a prominent position on your canvas.

Also, think about the background scene, you might want to add a beautiful sunset or a dramatic cloudy sky to complete the look.

Create a Cool Day or Night Scene to Complete the Look

Now what we want to do is to create a single look for the awesome action image. By this, I mean that the overall lighting and color theme is similar.

So for example, if you wish to create a night scene (as I did with this Artwork), you'll have to darken the image and give it more of a blue tint.

With this Artwork, the original image was made in broad daylight, and I made the scene darker (as said before) and I added the sunset sky in the background to make it look like it's peaceful evening scene.

Add Some Cool Fire, Water or Magical Effects

Now, it's time for the even-more-fun part! Let's get some magic or fire or lightning in!

I usually use a photograph of a fire, water splash or a lightning image to create the beautiful and mesmerizing light effects that make me very happy with the end result.

I always blend the fire and light effects in the image and then I add some cool glows, flares and most important — the color blend to mix the effect with the original scene.

Now ye shall go out and do as thy feel thus creating a new and inspiring digital masterpiece that shines with the brightest of futuristic Art effects and colorful pixels!

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