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Art Around the Campfire

Matthias Zegveld


September 20, 2012 — 38,452 Views

Sitting around the campfire with friends, heating the marshmallows, there is nothing compared to such a vacation.


Last Update: October 9, 2020

Article How to Enjoy a Nice Camping Vacation with Your Family or Friends (Or By Yourself)

"Tips from Matthias" Series — the Netherlands

We all want to have a nice vacation, don't we? Especially if you are looking to do some nice camping this summer, fall, or maybe next spring.

But one might ask "How can we do that, with all of today's things to do and living in a very busy society?

Well, the answers are surprisingly simple and elegant. They might just be in your past. If not, I will show you what really helps to have a nice (camping) vacation!

Pick a Nice Destination That's Surrounded by Beautiful and Amazing Nature

If you are really looking for a trip to have some fresh air — literally and also mentally — than I strongly suggest finding a nice place with beautiful nature.

Like France in Europe, for example. Or, if you're living in the States, try something like Texas or Colorado. Or Washington State, or Oregon, or California. These are not exclusives, by the way.

It doesn't really matter where you go, as long as there are some nice places to camp, with peaceful nature, good weather and foods.

Create a Fire Place, Barbecue or a Simple Place to Sit and Chill (Or Maybe Read)

Doing these simple things, like creating a campfire, firing up the barbecue or simply sitting on a rock in the sun, can really give you a new kind of energy that cities simply don't provide.

Reading is also a great thing to do while camping. You simple find a nice spot in nature, and just chill and read some cool stuff.

Sometimes however, simply sitting in nature and not doing anything really can be one of the greatest things on Earth. Simply being a child again, just exploring and thinking, etc.

Focus on Enjoying the Food, the Weather, and the Views and Smells of the Beautiful Nature Surrounding Yourself

Foods are like the music of life. Enjoy it while you can and try to be happy and thankful for what you have.

Having plenty of sunshine and enjoying it is a luxury that is good to have. Especially if you're from the North and are used to mostly cold weather.

Well, that's it! I hope you really enjoyed this Article and have some new inspirations (and aspirations) to have a good and pleasant camping trip!

By Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands

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  • Art - Around the Campfire is a Digital Artwork created by Matthias Zegveld, published on September 20, 2012.

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