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Arts Designs

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Arts with the designs and ideologies of Matthias Zegveld, and the visions behind the Jeshield Designs.

Arts Desires

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Arts Destructive

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Arts about the things that are destructive, not only physically, but even more so spiritually, by means of fear.

Arts Devil

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Arts with the devil and his evil schemes to rid all humans from the face of the earth.

Arts Diplomacy

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Arts about the diplomacy and the visions Matthias Zegveld has for installing a new collaboration between the world's nations

Arts Direct

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Arts Disappointments

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Arts Distracted

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Arts about the dangerous traps of being distracted, and how it can kill your life's spirit and put you to sleep.

Arts Dodge Challengers

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Arts with the awesome Dodge Challengers, the all-American muscle car.

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Browse through a selection of the most popular Artworks of Jeshield.