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Show Me the Money - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Your Money will be used for:

  • The Creation of New Artworks
  • Code-Developing of the Jeshield Website
  • Upgrading the New Jeshield Webservers
  • Extending the Support for New Features
  • Development of Jeshield Mobile Website

To ensure complete security during the transaction of your money, Jeshield uses the worldwide accomplished online services of PayPal.

How your Money will Consolidate Jeshield

The Power of One - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Helping to advance Jeshield financially will not only boost the productivity and effectiveness of the Jeshield Website and its Artworks, but will also keep it free from online advertisements.

This dramatically enhances the online browsing experience, and helps to create a better focus for the final result. Where too much of the Web is made out of clutter, let us make something Beautiful.

Using your money, Matthias Zegveld will proceed with his vision of using only the highest quality hardware, and developing a top-notch online experience by creating only the best of online software.

Help Lift the Presidential Vision of Matthias Zegveld

President Matthias Zegveld Entering the White House - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Going into politics is not unlike any regular business — Money is key. When you donate to Jeshield, you help its Creator, Matthias Zegveld, to further develop and evangalize his vision around the Web.

Over time this will result in more and more support from everyday-citizens living and working in the United States of America, but will also provide protection for unforseen financial burdens.

Matthias Zegveld's dream is to create a place on the Web, filled with his Artworks that are to be a strong source of inspiration, to young and old, and to help them believe that this life truly is — a gift.