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How to Be Successful - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

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Tips from Matthias

Oh dear, who hasn't thought about this — many times. We all are busy-tired souls looking for a little hope, glory or our big moment of success.

But not all of us do know what it means to be successful, or even how to become successful. And they end up searching and chasing all the wrong things that don't have anything to do with success.

See, success — to put it very simple — is not something that you chase after until you've got it. Success, however, is something that starts within your mind, your thinking.

Success Starts When You Begin to See Your Capabilities and Possibilities

We all have a talent, and we all have a passion, or something we are really excited about. Usually, the vision of success starts when we begin to see what we could do with our own hands to create a better future.

But only do we realize our potential when we start doing. The keyword here again is doing. We start somewhere and let our passion, our curiosity our guide.

This means that if you want to be rich for example, you'll have to find ways you can start making money now. Don't despise the small beginnings, they can lead to really big things.

The More You Do, the More Inspiration You Get

I remember, when I started the Jeshield Website, all I knew is that I wanted to make money with my passion. So I started creating images. Just one, then two, three, four, etcetera.

Then, the more I made the more ideas I got and the more excited and confident I became in my own work. This will happen to you to if you start small and continue this one path you're walking on.

And of course the more you build upon what you've built before, the more success you're attracting, because you're leveling up your dimension of business and success!

We All Are Busy — Just Not All of Us Are Busy and Successful

The key here is to stay within your scope. If you're a musician, stay creating music. If you're a web designer stay with the websites.

This is important, because the sooner you give up, the less likely it is you will finish the race. If you first focus on one thing, you grow really strong and have a strong foundation.

After that, you can start doing some other things as well, and you'll see that it'll actually make your other works stronger. That's why I love to write these Articles besides creating Digital Arts and building the website over at Jeshield.

So, think about it today, what is the one thing I can do right now, and keep doing it for a while, until I'm so strong that I start to attract more and more success. Think about it and see the beginnings of your success!

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