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How to Control Your Perfectionism - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

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Perfectionism is a good thing — it allows you to create something that is far above average. But it can also become a compulsive disorder that keeps you paralyzed.

When you feel stuck in indecisiveness, and are looping around the same decisions, over and over again, you're probably pondering too much about the details.

I myself really am a perfectionist. I find it a good thing, since I'm also a Digital Artist and Web designer, I can really pay much attention to detail, which the average person would miss.

But sometimes, it can also do more damage than good. When I procrastinate out of fear that the final result wouldn't look good, I'm letting my perfectionism control my thoughts too much.

But luckily for you and me, I've found a solution for that which really helps. Without ignoring our perfectionism, we can make good progress.

Your Perfectionism Is Good for Refining

What I usually do when I start working on a Digital Art, an Article, or a feature of the Web site, I think of a very basic goal I'd like to accomplish — within a reasonable time frame.

Then, when I have accomplished that and the basic idea is there, I try to publish it as soon as possible. Then afterwards, I give myself some time before I look at it again.

Maybe the next day, or 2 weeks later, I have collected a few ideas for improvement. This then creates a new opportunity to refine and upgrade the made material.

After doing so a few times, you've created something in a relatively short time, but still used your perfectionism to perfect and upgrade the final result, in little parts.

When to Listen to Your Perfectionism Is a Good Thing

Sometimes however, it's better to first take a little time before you start doing something. Thus, your perfectionism can actually help you make a decision you'll love in the long run.

One of those moments is when you're picking a name for your website. Then it is a good time to not jump right in, but to first take a few hours or days to really think about it.

So in that sense, perfectionism can actually be a good thing that might save you from impulsiveness, something your might later regret.

Don't Let People Discourage You, Saying Perfectionism Is Bad

Sometimes you hear people talk about it as if it's a disease. But if you think about the people who've changed this world — due to their perfectionism — I'd say you're better of than those negative people.

Wisdom comes with experience, and so does the ability to balance it with your work, your passion. The more you do it, the more you'll learn and the better you'll get.

So don't worry about it and just let it be! Start creating today, from your dreams, and build great apps, great websites, music, and be amazed at the result.

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