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How to Enjoy Drinking Coffee - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

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Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands





Tips from Matthias

Over the past few years, I've really started to love drinking coffee. Not the just the physical logistics, but the whole surrounding theme of relaxation, enjoying the smell of the hot and dark brown fluid, and becoming inspired as new.

That is another way of saying that I not only enjoy the material, but also the moment. It's like a little pause in my busy life, where I get to just chill and enjoy something warm.

My favorite types of coffee are the luxuries ones, the lattes, cappuccino and the macchiato (sometimes with a little syrup)!

Why Drinking Coffee Has a Positive Effect on Your Thinking

The aroma of coffee inspires a new and positive wave that calms you down and brings a feeling of warmth when you hold the cup in your hands.

But beside all the romance, there's another way in which coffee can actually help you to regain your focus when you live a busy life, and even help bring new ideas.

I myself really enjoy going out to a coffee place — Starbucks is my favorite — and to just sit there for at least 45 minutes with really nothing else than just a cup and a piece of paper to maybe write down some ideas.

Many ideas, features, Artworks and more of the Jeshield Website were born during such moments, when I spent some quality alone-time to just wonder about the next steps of life.

Drinking Coffee Is a Great Way to Socialize

Many times, even when I was alone, somehow I got into a conversation with a complete stranger at the Starbucks, just about work or vacations or anything.

This can be really fun, but also when you're with another person or a small group you can really enjoy this social time together.

It helps you clear your mind when you have some problems at work or need just that little mental push of inspiration, get yourself some nice brewed caffeine.

Try Some of the Luxury Coffees Today

If you like it all plain and black — I don't — than you might not want this. But for you who likes a little specialty, try some of the different lattes or macchiatos with caramel, you won't regret it.

It's really a little gift to yourself, don't try to be frugal about it, you deserve a little something extra every now and then!

So if you find yourself having a moment today, try and go get yourself some really nice coffee. And try to not take it to go, but take an half hour to just sit and relax, reflect on your day. It'll be worth it!

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