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How to Enjoy the Beauty of Nature - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

The Zen Teacher — Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld — from

Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands





Tips from Matthias

I love taking walks, especially in the forest. Being surrounded by the beautiful trees, the green leaves, and the sounds of whistling birds and the wind flowing through the trees gives me peace like it's a meditation.

But one thing I've discovered over the past years, is that if you don't take time for these moments, you're not going to encounter them.

I believe it is one the best things life has given us, to spend time alone or together in some beautiful place of mother nature, and reconnect with our inner self, and to again see the perspective in our lives.

What the Nature Will Give You Is Mind-Blowing

I think most people underestimate the effect that spending some alone time in nature gives us. Due to this busy life with its demanding schedules and the 24h-online-mentality takes away the desire to do something that seems extra.

But in fact, by just taking a walk through the park, or a jog on the beach, or a hike through the hills will give us so much strength and inspiration, beside a feeling of doing something good.

It also helps in relieving stress, fade out worries, and bring new perspective in situations that seem daunting or chaotic.

Many times when I encountered a problem, with, say, working on the Jeshield website, I took a little walk through the forest and was overwhelmed by its beauty and peace, that by the time I got back to my desk I felt so much relieved and the problems didn't seem that big anymore.

There Are Many Things We Can Learn from Nature

Sometimes when I take a walk I notice not just the grandness of things, but even more the tiniest of details.

For example, looking at a little insect walking on a leaf, I can see the complexity that nature carries, and it inspires myself to go and improve the quality of my work, and the sophistication.

And by simply spending a lot of time looking and wondering about the beautiful color schemes and brightness of a sunny day, I learned a lot about colors and contrasts that have helped me tremendously with my Artworks on Jeshield.

Spending Time in the Nature Allows Us to Regain Peace in Our Busy Lives

As I said before, spending just a little time in nature will give us a vast amount of energy, hope and peace of mind.

Problems and difficult situations all of a sudden seem clarified, hopelessness and despair feel as if replaced with a fresh breeze of new hope and inspiration.

So, all of y'all need to get out of your chair today for about an hour, and spend some time at the beach, forest, or the mountain view.

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