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How to Live a Healthy Life - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

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Tips from Matthias

These days, living a healthy life can be quite the challenge. As I'm working behind my desk all day, and the snacks and fast foods look more delicious then ever, it's not hard to grow into a life style that needs some improvement.

Of course — just like many things of life — this can and will only happen in little steps and over time.

With myself, there wasn't really one big, shiny revelation one day were it said — in writings on the wall — that I had to become more healthy.

No, it was more like reading a little bit about better foods, exploring to take a daily walk, learning about how to improve my dental health through experience, etcetera.

It all happened in bits and pieces, where I can say now that I've learned a so much more about how to take better care for my body, soul and mind in the past few years.

Don't Get Overwhelmed by the Tips and Demands You Read Everywhere

This is why this used to be a difficult subject for me, because every time I tried to do some research, or tried to improve something, then someday I'd read something else that also was proven to be unhealthy.

It's like running a race while the destination keeps changing and you keep going in circles. So I decided to let my faith, my feelings, my experience be the guide to a better live. With every now and then some input from other sources, from other healthy people.

As soon as I started to do this, there was growth everywhere. I slept better, started to eat better, learned to prevent back stiffness from sitting all day, got more vitamins from fruits and overall started to feel much better, in body and mind.

Through that, I discovered that it's more about a form of Art almost, a form of life, maybe that's why I love exercising Qi Gong so much, because it is exactly about that balance between body and mind.

I Discovered the True Balance Between Body and Mind, and How Much Fun Improving Your Health Is

It really makes you feel good, and almost sort of on top of things, instead of being controlled by the fears of "Oh no" maybe I'll get this sickness or that symptom.

And the more you learn, even from learning the parts of the body through online educational videos, you really become excited about yourself and how much you can do to strengthen and keep your body strong!

Life Your Life with Love, and You Will Get Healthy

Like I said before, once I started to see the possibilities and the progress with things I could do — instead of keeping things at halt, leaving it until there's a real problem — and to develop a sense of listening to your own body and what it's telling you!

This really gave me hope and the strength to become more healthy and feeling good. For example, after I learned how to improve my dental hygiene by brushing better and avoiding some type of foods, I really felt like I was my own little dentist, and the other one is just the one for when there's a real problem!

But then also the real problems stay away because you've learned how to keep your body — and mindset — strong, to keep the bacterias and irritations away!

So, think about it today, what is it you can improve today? Taking a walk, improve brushing your teeth, eat some fruits, skip the donuts, and see the progress and your positive mind arise!

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