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How to Pick a Catchy Name for Your Website - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

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Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands





Tips from Matthias

When you're planning on building your on website, blog or even YouTube channel, it's important to find yourself a good name, one that represents your idea and is catchy and fun.

When I thought of the name for, I had the idea of a shield being the shield of faith, combining with the name of him who I believe in, thus I came up with Jeshield.

It's always a good idea to find yourself a name that sounds unique, and special even, that makes people wonder what it means and triggers their imagination.

It's More About the Fun than About the Serious

Too many people think way to hard and way to difficult when it comes to company names, or names for their website.

I mean, think about the name "Google", its a word play for a very large number. Or consider "Apple", the name for a computer / gadget creator.

Think about what flows nice and represents some sort of feeling that you wish to express. For example, "John's Coffee" might be a good option when it's a personal business.

Don't Listen to People's Advice, Do What You Feel

Non-creative people, non-experienced designers, etc, might throw you off big time. They'll say things like It needs to be presentable, and professional.

Of course I agree — however, it needs to make you feel happy, special, excited, not being able to wait until you can start using the name and register your domain on the Web.

The More Uniqueness the Better

Do what you love to do — find a name that fits you and makes you feel creative, on top of things.

Consider Joan's Craftworks for Joan's business in homemade decorations. Or "Concredible" for a stand-alone, professional concrete poring company.

I want you to see that the possibilities are endless — the only one that's stopping from creating a good name is you, your fears, or pressure from other people.

For this Web site, I choose one that was personal, fun, lighthearted and had my first name in it. I wanted it to reflect my personality of easy-going and also to be simple.

So you pick yourself a great name today, that both excites you as it does reflect your personality and that of your future website!

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