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How to Really Enjoy Watching a Movie - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

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Tips from Matthias

We all watch a movie every now and then. Some of us more than others. I myself truly love watching movies. It has become one of my great hobbies.

But it' also I think because I've been passionate about it since I was like 16, when I was really discovering I liked the new mediums (movies, games, TV shows, the internet).

It was in that period of my life I knew I wanted to create and be involved in the digital creative world.

Every Movie Can Be a Lesson, and a Great Entertainer as Well

Just as much as I've learned about the creative process of making movies and online media from just watching, I think even more I've learned about life, building large projects and world history.

You see, every movie (at least the decent ones) tell a story that's based on real human inputs. From heartbreaks over a broken relationship, to the emotional pain of losing a loved one.

Also there's some good movies about bravery and facing challenges out there — of course I'm not talking about the Rambo or Rocky series in this context.

So Many Revelations of Mine Happened While Watching a Movie

I think I've learned more about encouragement than about anything else from watching 3D animated movies. I remember from "The Incredibles" learning that anyone can be a superhero. And from the "Kung Fu Panda" that the real hero lives inside of you, not in some secret.

And from watching World War Two movies — one of my most favorite, though tough genres — I've learned so much about the effects of war, and the amazing stories that tell about human bravery.

But even from a funny comedy flick, one might learn a lot. I've used TV shows and movies to learn and perfect my English — American accent that is.

Using Movies to Learn and Improve Your Language Skills

When I deiced to start learning Chinese, it had all begun after watching the movie "Red Cliff". This amazing story tells the epic battles of the kingdoms of the North and South.

Then, once I had some of the basics of the Chinese language in my pocket, I watched the movie over and over again, in its original language without subtitles.

This really helped me with the pronunciations and such and my language skills grew fast.

So I want you to think about it today, what are the movies you really like, and what is it you can learn from them today?

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