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How to Save Money with a Low Income - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

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Tips from Matthias

When you don't have a large income — because you're just starting your career or aren't working full-time — it's pretty easy to feel hopeless when it comes to building up your savings.

I want to prove you wrong today, and tell the story of how I managed to save about 3 grand within a year, while also paying back about 4,5 grant of debt.

I Believe Everybody Can Save Something

Most people think that it's only profitable to start saving when you can — at least — save about 200-400 dollar a month. That might be true from a financial perspective, but not from the morale one.

See, it makes you feel hopeless and out of control, not knowing if you will ever achieve your dreams of paying for that extra education to get that better job, or for this long-awaited trip to another continent.

So, at the beginning of my twenties, I just started to save anything I had — anything! I had opened a savings account and just added a few euros (4-5 dollars).

Saving Money Is an Art That Starts in Your Mind

The next thing I did was hanging a piece of paper (a plain office paper) onto my closet door, and wrote the date plus the amount on the top left corner.

And so I did, every couple of days, just adding a few euros, and writing the date plus the total amount on the piece of paper.

Even after 10-15 times I had done so, I hadn't saved that much in terms of dollars (or euros back then), but the emotional and psychological value were enormous!

And very soon I became so positive in my attitude, that my whole ideas of hopelessness changed into seeing the possibilities — even then.

Soon I found myself thinking how I could save even more money, by using less gas with my car, saving on lunch money, and maybe even selling my old, unused guitar!

Saving Big Amounts of Money All Begin with That First Step

Not much after that, I had sold many items from my room, and had made a few hundred bucks by doing so.

But it had all started with those few dollars, sometimes even less then a dollar, but together they created a nice amount that bought me a 2 month-stay in San Antonio, Texas (United States).

So I want you to think today about the few dollars you can stop spending and put in your savings account. Or maybe you like to keep it cash, in an old sock under your bed.

Whatever way you prefer, let the 70 cents you start to save today be the start of the financing of your dream house, education, car or vacation!

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