Article How to Stay Focused While Living a Busy Life

How to Stay Focused While Living a Busy Life - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

The Zen Teacher — Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld — from

Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands





Tips from Matthias

This life is definitely a busy one. Popular TV shows on your entertainment system, fast-phased jobs, crowded traffic during commutes, and, not to forget, an attention-demanding network of social media contacts, on and on.

These aren't necessary bad things — they give us the new world we live in, with all the information we could possibly consume one touch with our fingers away through the power of the Web — but they can bog us down too.

Therefore, it's important to gain — or regain — control over this.

It becomes a negative, or even destructive pattern when we let it reign our lives, and distracts us from the really important things, which also happen to be the things that can determine our success.

Take Intervals During Your Day to Focus on the Bigger Picture

Success, wealth, fame, money and riches are all built up over time, through hard work, planning and a constant reflection of oneself and his or her position in the path to the true freedoms of life.

By taking a little time out — taking a walk, enjoying a coffee at your favorite coffee shop — you get away from it all for a moment, which allows you to look at your life your progress for that day. This then gives you an opportunity to refine, adjust or completely turn-around your focus for the day.

Divide Your Large Tasks into Small, Manageable Pieces

For example, when you feel bogged down and spread really thin because of the large to-do list for the day, or the slow progress you're making on building your online business, blog or social media site, look for the tasks that require a lot of smaller works in sequence.

Just like the old Ford cars were assembled in parts in the old days after they discovered a car was built faster if it was a spread-out construction, each individual only doing one part, so today it is the way to accomplish big things, much faster, and with much less energy required.

Though seemingly less dynamic, or even boring, the things you want to accomplish today, next week, month or year, are the things you need to start doing today, divided into small and manageable pieces.

The Appropriate Roles of all the Distractions

As written earlier, all the fun and pleasant distractions of this life (such as watching TV shows for example) all serve a purpose as well.

They're not just a waste of time — they're a tool to decompress, let go and fully relax, and sometimes even inspire.

As long as it stays limited, and doesn't become the one factor that decides the flow of your day, week, or even your whole life, it is a good thing that will eventually help us.

Whatever it is you wish to achieve, build, dream of, or are searching for, I know you'll make it. Why? Because I've felt the same grip of distraction and I've found freedom through a combination of doing little bits of work, and topping them with bits of play time.

Go, and take time today to improve your focus and pursuit your happiness.

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