This Art pictures a beautiful Chinese dish — compiled out of several types of vegetables, and, of course, chicken meat. -- The Chinese Dish - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld
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Art The Chinese Dish

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May 12, 2014



This Art pictures a beautiful Chinese dish — compiled out of several types of vegetables, and, of course, chicken meat.

Article How to Eat Healthy

Eating healthy — or at least eating less unhealthy — can be quite the challenge in today's society of fast-food restaurants, online pizza ordering, and hotdog vendors on every street corner (at least in New York City).

But it doesn't have to be that hard. Unlike those extreme diets, or these crazy tips you might find on the Web, it's mostly just about following a few simple guide lines, and listening to what you know.

It all starts with having the right info about the basic foods your body needs every day — such as vegetables, fruits, grains, water, proteins.

Don't Feel Overwhelmed By the Amount of Demands You Read Online

Like I said, if you've got the basics right, you're already halfway there. The next part is mostly about skipping some unhealthy foods, or at least minimizing them.

Maybe you like to eat a few donuts every day. Or maybe you like to eat chips and just can't keep them away longer than a few days apart.

Then, it's just about lessening it and maybe replacing it with a more healthy snack, as I explained in my Article How to Stop Emotional Eating.

The More You Focus on Improving Your Eating, the More You Will Choose the Right Things to Eat

I learned through my experience that replacing unhealthy snacks with more healthy ones really helps in battling the unhealthy eating habits.

And the more I replaced — for example, donuts with a sandwich — the more I felt like making a better choice next time. It's like your taste buds adjust over time.

And the more healthy my eating style became, the more I had the desire to start improving my larger meals or even drinks, with better ones, like water or tea.

Of Course Snacking and Some Sugar Rush Isn't Bad Every Now and Then

Like I said before, It's more about the little improvements here and there, and not about the crazy, over-the-top-extreme diets and such.

Everybody loves to snack once in a while, and I find myself having a doughnut, a muffin or a nice bag of chips every now and then.

That way you keep it balanced, and it doesn't become the main theme of your eating schedule. And you have these chocolate moments you can still enjoy.

So why not think about what it is you can improve today in your eating habits, and see a transformation happen over just a litle time!

By Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands

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