The Submarine - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Art The Submarine

Matthias Zegveld


August 5, 2012 — 39,663 Views

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This Art pictures an old submarine from World War Two, with an updated look and futuristic lights.

Last Update: March 27, 2021

Epic Naval Battles in Action

This Digital Artwork pictures a cool-looking submarine sailing in beautiful waters, with elements of science-fiction and of the World War Two era combined.

I've always loved those epic movies with intense naval battles, like "U-571" and "Das Boot" (German for "The Boat") and "Hunt for the Red October" (starring Sean Connery).

By Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands

Art - The Submarine is a Digital Artwork created by Matthias Zegveld, published on 2012-08-05.

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About Matthias Zegveld

Passionate Digital Artist currently based in the Netherlands. With a strong passion for color, innovation, modern design and with focus and simplicity, the Dutch Digital Artist loves creating such imagery.

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