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Story ‘From One Art to a Thousand — And Even More.’

The Most Important Thing - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

The Dutch from origin has always had a strong creative passion, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset. Prior to Jeshield he had started over fifty projects. He had yet to learn the power of focus.

I had created multiple businesses, from an online store for stock-footage, to a video tutorial site, to a blog about making new friends. I had even written an E-book which I sold for about a year.

Then came the day he canceled all projects, cleaned his life, and Jeshield was born. I started creating one image, then two, three, etc. Nowadays, Matthias Zegveld has created 1,487 Digital Arts.

About Matthias Zegveld — A Born Visionary

Young and Rich - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Even in his early years, Matthias Zegveld always knew he wanted to have a large positive impact. I am tired of people who are stuck in consumerism and do not invest anything back into this world.

I recall when I was fifteen I had bought a book about success and was immensely fascinated by the stories of successful CEOs who had built their nowadays-large companies from the ground up.

By studying successful people and discovering the patterns of success, 31-year-old Matthias used what he had learned to broaden his impact with his own venture Jeshield.

About Jeshield — Building a Network, Bursting with Artistry.

The Power of One - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld

Matthias Zegveld learned basic HTML during his design education, and developed rapidly through experiments and commercial projects, familiarizing himself with programming languages.

With client-side scripting and an abounding experience in styling web pages now both under his arms, Matthias started building the open, flexible online platform he had always dreamed of.

The self-taught coder built the website bit by bit. I started out with very simple HTML web pages — one for each Art — and transformed it into a dynamic, flexible, and easy-to-maintain application.

About His Received Awards

The Wow Effect - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld
  • Greatest Faith Award at Award Banquet

    In August 2011 — at just 22 years old — Matthias Zegveld received the "Greatest Faith Award" in Phoenix, Arizona for his performance as a believer and his focusing on a positive result.

  • Coloring Awards with Newspaper Coverage

    In his childhood years — from age 7 thru 12 — Matthias Zegveld participated and won first prizes in several coloring contests. This even made it, with pictures, into the Dutch local newspapers.

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