This Art pictures the Awesome 2016 Ford Mustang, in a Creative way and shows my passion for American Muscle Cars. -- The Great Ford Mustang - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld
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Art The Great Ford Mustang

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Matthias Zegveld

July 25, 2015


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This Art pictures the Awesome 2016 Ford Mustang, in a Creative way and shows my passion for American Muscle Cars.

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When Driving Cars and Digital Arts Come Together

I loved creating this exciting Digital Artwork. Just because I love cars, and I love driving, and I love creating Digital Artworks as well! So, when they all come together, it's really cool to see the outcome of it!

Discover How to Change the Color of the Car — Using Photoshop (The Professional Way)

In this Digital Artwork, I used a a very special technique to change the colors of this awesome car. This can be done in a very secrete way — one that I call the special way. Continue reading to find out how !

What I usually do first is to just create a color layer in Photoshop. This means that I create a normal layer and start painting in the future-to-be-color for the car.

Here comes the magic! Be ready and prepared!

The next vital step is to put the layer into the "Hard Light" Blending mode. This will make sure that the color of the layer we made before blends into the original photo file. In other words, we "Magically Changed the Color"!

By Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands

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