Be as free as a bird — move like the wind, chase your dreams, and soar on high! -- Bird of Freedom - Digital Art by Matthias Zegveld
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Art Bird of Freedom

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Matthias Zegveld

June 18, 2012


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Be as free as a bird — move like the wind, chase your dreams, and soar on high!

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This Artwork features a beautiful and majestic Eagle, soaring high on the winds, with such a freedom that has never been seen before!

It has beautiful and long black feathers, that makes it easy for this large and impressive airborne creature to steer — in ANY direction!

In the background, a beautiful blue sky is seen. It also has some really nice white clouds, and some magical bright blue strings flowing through the sky — like the nice flow of energy that comes from being free and doing what you love!

This digital painting has a stark contrast. Especially the Eagle, with its white-feathered head and tail, and it's black-feathered body and wings. But also the clouds, with the sun shining on top of them, creating that glorious silver lining!

The colors used in this Digital Artwork are orange for the animal's claws and also a very nice blue tint for the sky, including a magical blue for the Energy flows.

By Matthias Zegveld — the Netherlands

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